lazkaz, Sep 19, 5:18am
Hi all, just sick of buying potatoes that are not nice, the usual ones I buy are getting a bit soft, Agria, (still with soil). Anyway three different types over the past two weeks, and one lot green, one lot glassy inside, and we couldn't eat them, back to Agria but again getting a bit soft. What are your favourites. I usually roast as son likes them. I have to be honest I personally do not eat many potatoes.

rainrain1, Sep 19, 8:00am
They've been terrible this year, we're all growling about them in our house

daarhn, Sep 19, 9:56am
No idea why spuds not their best? I've not come across this. Here, I grab agrias but only when I see them looking fresh. Then its a good scrub, peel and chunks into the pot to par boil with tumeric. Drained well, back in the pot good drizzle oil cracked pepper, good cracked salt, lid on bashed around a bit then straight into oven on baking paper until roasted, crisp and golden. I'm not a spud bloke but when there's a crowd then it's a easy go to.

lazkaz, Sep 19, 7:21pm
Thanks for your replies. I suppose its planting time soon for spuds, its just in between maybe. I did actually mention it to the grocer and he did say it had not been a good season for potatoes, and I remember mum said she didn't have a good season, less produce and went to seed quickly. It is just to bulk up sons plate.

lythande1, Sep 19, 7:23pm
It's the weather people. All this rain.

kaddiew, Sep 20, 2:24am
Yes, terrible spuds this past winter, and not great even last summer. The weather's just been far too wet. Can't wait to start eating my own spuds, which are knee high atm.

socram, Sep 20, 7:28am
Funnily enough, I have found the large washed ones (ideal for baking in their jackets) better this year than ever before. None have been discoloured inside and have been tasty. $2.99 a kilo from New World - whose other veg is questionable.

awoftam, Sep 20, 8:12am
I reckon the agria this year have been awesome - roast up beautifully.

autumnwinds, Sep 20, 10:52am
My fav for a good spud is "Moonlight". Terrific for mashing, and good in most other uses.

kaddiew, Sep 20, 8:25pm
Agree. If I have to buy spuds Moonlight is the best bet for a consistent all rounder.

fifie, Sep 20, 9:21pm
Roll on new spuds, meantime I'm mashing but after draining shake them around in pot let them sit 5 mins before mashing with butter ,milk,mustard, for nice dry fluffy spud. Roasties my agrias are still good, dont think its been so wet with us.

lazkaz, Dec 23, 11:03pm
Yes roll on new spuds. Thanks everyone, it also must depend on where you live and the rainfall

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