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hawat, Feb 16, 5:04am
Spent a few days in Queenstown. Bucket List. Go up the Gondoliers - Tick, Go across the lake on The Earnslaw - Tick, Have a genuine Southland cheese roll - Tick. Had 2 at the Queenstown Airport Awesome but filling. Geeze big. But I wasn't disappointed. I'll just wait until I go down there so I can have the genuine article again

timturtle, Feb 16, 5:49am
The big ones arent the genuine ones IMHO I was brought up in Southland some cafes make them that big they end up being all bread and lack taste. Pleased you enjoyed them

timturtle, Feb 16, 5:55am
They should be only one thin slice of bread rolled some roll them in those bread that is sliced lengthwise

gsimpson, Feb 16, 7:02am
They have cheese rolls in Venice?

fifie, Feb 16, 11:28pm
Lots of recipes for cheese rolls around, we used to make heaps of these for
the tour buses in the shop always popular. Make your own.
Cheese Rolls.
Must have nice fresh bread.
In a container put grated cheese, a little finely grated onion, s/p mix well. add some boiling water and mix till mixture is a little bit on the sloppy side, then leave to sit a bit till mixture is spreadable.
Spread a good layer on very fresh bread and roll up, Toast each side under the grill serve with lashings of butter. Make as much as you want, i make them up for freezer beg of winter great with soup.
The mix can be used in toasted sandwiches as well and you can substitute onion for crushed drained pineapple, If you have any mince left over, smear some tomato sauce on bread then mince and roll up and grill, tasty to for lunches.

hawat, Feb 21, 8:09am
Yeah but not the genuine southland article. They have cheese rolls in Auckland but not the genuine southland ones.

hawat, Jul 9, 12:27pm
talk about laugh. Walking back from a meeting I called into a cafe pretty much across the road from our apartment building. Stopped in to get a coffee and what do you reckon they had in the cabinet? Yep - cheese rolls within 200 meters of our apartment. lol. I had a couple. Just like the ones I got in the Queenstown airport. Lovely!

standard, Jul 11, 3:20am
Sooo glad you have found your "must have fix" :-)

hawat, Nov 6, 5:32am
I would really love to try the genuine cheese rolls that people like Andrew Saville and Peter Williams talk about all the time. I'm not likely to be travelling down the deep south in the foreseeable future but I'm thinking SURELY there is somewhere in Auckland where you can buy the real thing. Does anyone know a place in Auckland where you can buy a cheese roll just like they sell in Timaru, Arrowtown, Invercargill etcetcetc?

annies3, Nov 6, 5:51am
If you look in the side panel under recipes cheese rolls last year you will get the genuine recipe and be able to make some for yourself, poster rainrain has a great one, and any white bread will do.
sorry I don't know of any in Auckland.

hawat, Nov 6, 6:46am
thanks Annie but not interested in making it myself. Want to buy it. After I've tasted a few might want to try making one myself

holly-rocks, Nov 6, 6:50am
They sell them at New World here (Dunedin) have you checked the deli section at the supermarket?

strathview, Nov 6, 8:04am
They are so easy to make and they taste so much better than anything you can buy.

hawat, Nov 6, 8:41am
guys, you're not getting it. You know when you go to a new place you drop into a morning tea place where all the tradies go and try out the mince pies or sausage rolls that are on offer? Well I want to try a cheese roll like you get from one of those places. If you want a sausage roll or savoury or sausage with cheese in it at 9.45am you look for a takeaway place with all the tradies vans parked outside and you go there. I would like a cheese roll from one of those places. Surely there is one in Auckland. I mean you can get genuine fry bread and kina poha in Glen Innes. You can get varawa pa pa from Manurewa. You can get the real McCoy french pasties from Devonport, you can get biltong and sausage from Browns Bay. These are all over the counter, ready to eat. SURELY there is some place like that in Auckland that sells cheese rolls.

strathview, Nov 6, 9:52am
Lmao no you are in the wrong island for a start. You need come to the deep south to get your southern sushi.

aktow, Nov 6, 3:22pm
i was told i had to try cheese rolls while i was in the south island,, i did at a few places and they were bloody awful, horrible sickly taste,, i think one lady said it had onion soup mix with evaporated milk,, no wonder it tasted so bad,,

rainrain1, Nov 6, 6:25pm

lythande1, Nov 6, 7:33pm
You can't, they are a South Island thing.
And it does vary, who makes them using what ingredients. (And cheese).

Seriously, just make one, it's not hard at all, simpler than a toasted cheese sandwich.

In fact, it is just like a toasted cheese sandwich. The difference is it uses one slice of bread and it is rolled up, not left flat.
There you go.

harrislucinda, Nov 6, 7:49pm
why cant you make your own just a few ingreds spread on crustless bread slice roll up and grill

hawat, Nov 7, 6:29am
OK - sad. So I can't just drive down the road, lay some cash on the counter and walk away with one of those cheesie bad boys? OK I'm gonna give it a shot making one

rainrain1, Nov 7, 6:58pm
A little bird told me, Cross Street Markets might sell them.

hawat, Nov 7, 10:48pm
I knew it! Thousand tales in the big city and somewhere, someone would make me a cheese roll. I'm gonna go down there this Saturday. Wouldn't you know it only 5 k's from where we live! I have to go all the way over to the Sunday market at Taka to get the best mussel fritters under the sun but only 5 k's to try a cheese roll. Once I've tried a bought one I'll give it a go making my own. Love cheese toasties so this is probably a sophisticated version of that. I like to add curry powder to my cheese toasties so will add that to my cheese roll? (peu tetre? )

valentino, Nov 7, 11:44pm
LOL, As an Aucklander living in Auckland, the only cheese rolls I do is mix a can of salmon with a tub of cream cheese, add a small very finely chopped onion and mix all thoroughly.
Spread onto a piece of bread and roll.

The option is to have them as they are or to butter them with a little bit of semi-melted butter and grill or toast them turning to get that even toasting effect.

Sometimes may add some special sprinkle into the mix or other herbs of choice.

These were great party food items of parties in the past.

These days, cannot have them so much, diet restrictions, LOL.


mindi1, Nov 8, 12:42am
Esquires Cafe in Manukau sell them. Perhaps other branches do too.

rainrain1, Nov 8, 2:09am
bon appetit

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