Rice for rice pudding

bubblegirlblack, Sep 2, 3:29am
The husband wants rice pudding but I only have long grain rice and couldn't find short grain at the supermarket. Will long work?

lilyfield, Sep 2, 3:54am
Yes, I do this often, simple whizz it partially to break it down, after cooked VERY soft

cottagerose, Sep 2, 4:32am
Did you realise arborio rice is what you buy for rice pudding? I don't think You can actually buy short grain rice now

hd07, Sep 2, 4:34am
As above, I always use aborio

bubblegirlblack, Sep 2, 4:59am
Lilyfield when u say whizz it do u mean after it cooked?

korbo, Sep 2, 5:06am
yes bought short grain rice today at the local Binn INN shop. also got it possibly at p/save. Pam's brand.

tjman, Sep 2, 5:21am
Sunrice do short grain at the supermarket. For next time.

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