Rice pudding ... quantities

darlingmole, Jul 19, 3:08am
Have had a quick look using the search funtion but want exact quantities for feeding 8 people. The recipes only use 1/2 C rice and there's no way that will feed up for pudding! Could anyone give me some help here as I'm going to throw it in the crockpot for 3 hrs on High to have tonight. Thanks in advance ... ... .

lindi4, Jul 19, 3:15am
Did you see the recipe that was 1 cup rice to 4 cups milk in the slow cooker and 1 cup of sugar which I found too sweet. It's a good one I do it often. You could double it. I confess to using part cream.

darlingmole, Jul 19, 3:29am
cheers for that lindi4 ... I've just put in my crockpot on High:

1 C rice, 6 C milk, 1/2 C sugar, 2 T vanilla and 1 large T lemon zest

and hoping it'll work!

darlingmole, Nov 11, 3:59pm
an update ... that recipe above was a SCREAMING sucess~!

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