Rice pudding???

kalebsmum, Sep 26, 12:53am
I have been trying on google, but am looking for a rice pudding recipie that my mum used to make when we were kids?All I know is it had eggs and sugar and took ages in the oven?The ones that I have found dont seem to have very large quantities and I am making this for teenagers that will eat alot of it ;)

issy46, Sep 26, 12:56am
Double or triple the recipe you have.You can also cook it on top of the stove.Dont know about the eggs.Iused to add eggs to semolina pudding though

noonesgirl, Sep 26, 2:16am
Rice Custard (Edmonds) Maybe double or triple the quanitites

1c cooked rice
2 eggs
2c milk
4TBSP sugar
Beat eggs & salt, add sugar then milk. Put rice in a buttered dish & pour over egg mixture. Bake slowly until set. Stand the dish in a little water in oven. Bake @ 160 until custard sets.

cottagerose, Sep 26, 4:48am
There are a few rice recipes on here in the search on the left of here. Cheers

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