Looking for a recipe - sweetened condensed milk

bev00, Oct 21, 1:08pm
This is the best coconut ice ever and so easy to make. We sold this by the truckload where I used to work.

500gms icing sugar
1/4 cup milk
100gms butter.
Microwave for 3 mins on full
Add 1tspn vanilla
Add 1 1/2 cups coconut and mix. Place in tin.
Repeat mix and add colour. Place over the first mix.
I have tried both the others in long gone days and found the condensed milk better than the "boiling" one. The recipe above is now the only I use.

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lynja, Oct 21, 6:10pm
thanks for that recipe bev00. I am assuming the milk is condensed milk?

sla11, Oct 22, 9:44am
Just cover CM tin with Glad Wrap, secured with Rubber Band - keeps in shelf in Fridge door until I next need it. Summer go through lots - mayonnaise for salads. My freezers not that organised - I'd never find it if I froze it!

tacocat, Dec 11, 2:28am

I'm looking to use up half a tin of sweetened condensed milk - would like a sweet recipe but one that doesn't involve crushed biscuits. everything I have searched so far seems to need biscuit crumbs which I don't have.

kateley, Dec 11, 2:41am
you can make coconut ice with condensed milk, coconut and icing sugar. Equal parts, I think, but google might know for certain

pogram0, Dec 11, 7:10am
Put the half can of condensed milk into saucepan with about a third of a cake of chocolate and heat gently to melt chocolate. Take off the heat to cool it down then add a couple of large handfuls of cornflakes and a handful of sultanas. Put mixture in the fridge long enough for it to almost solidify and then take spoonfuls, roll in the palm of your hands as best you can and then roll in desiccated coconut. Store them in the fridge.

nanasee1, Dec 11, 7:53am
Condensed milk freezes well and doesn't harden so easy to scoop out a spoonful as needed

maynard9, Dec 11, 7:30pm
Yep - always freeze my left overs - its brilliant.

I have a few recipes where I only need a few tablespoon so handy for that.

I have to hide from hubby and son tho - If they find it the level mysteriously disappears - well it's not actually a mystery - I know EXACTLY where it goes - LOL.

tacocat, Dec 11, 11:39pm
Thanks for all the replies. I didn't realise you could freeze it, that's good to know as I often have a bit leftover and ended up chucking it in the past.

bailey25, Dec 12, 4:36am
Thanks for that info of freezing! I always waste the leftovers. Awesome

jonnynotions, Dec 12, 4:47am
I've just tried a new recipe as I was wondering the same thing this morning - easy condensed milk biscuits - mix together 1/2 tin condensed milk, 1 c butter, softened (227g), 2 c self-raising flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 c choc chips, roll into balls, press with fork, bake 180 for 10 mins. There are also some recipes online for homemade bounty bars which looked quite good that I might try out next time! Basically just desiccated coconut, condensed milk and chocolate.

dbab, Dec 13, 1:43am
Beat together 600 mls cream and a can of condensed milk. Add any flavouring you like, e.g. mashed fruit, maple syrup, vanilla bean paste, chocolate chips, nuts etc.
Freeze till set.

You can adjust the amount of cream to suit the quantity of condensed milk you have left.

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