1/2 a can of condensed milk

directorylist, Aug 12, 11:00am
any ideas? i made some russian fudge, but i dont know if my teeth can handle a second batch.

245sam, Aug 12, 11:06am
directorylist, how about, to name just a few suggestions... . . lolly cake, apricot fudge slice, Caramel Crumble slice, Tan Fingers, Chocolate Chippie Biscuits? ... . or for more ideas/suggestions and recipes try doing a search on this Trademe MB using e. g. condensed milk as the "Keyword" and Anytime as the "Date posted" option or alternatively freeze the remaining ½ can for another batch of fudge or something else. :-))

tlkin, Aug 12, 11:11am
or put it in the fridge and if you have children it will be gone in a day or two! yum!

directorylist, Aug 12, 11:13am
My boy is 14 months old so i'd hope not :)

Cheers for the pointer :)

rainrain1, Aug 12, 7:24pm
Salad dressing

sumstyle, Aug 12, 7:31pm
That used to happen when we were kids!

luckyduck, Aug 12, 8:44pm
chocolate chip cookies

dbab, Aug 13, 2:22am
Ice cream. Beat a 300ml bottle of cream, and then beat in 1/2 can condensed milk. Add mashed fruit or any flavouring you like. Maple syrup is particularly nice.

esdott, Aug 13, 3:18am
insert teaspoon into can, twirl a few times. remove spoon and insert into mouth :D

charlieb2, Jan 21, 7:54am
and for future reference HIDE FROM THE KIDS... . you dont want to share! ! !