Baking with condensed milk

mycd123, Apr 10, 7:38am
hi there,
I have a tin of opended condensed milk in fridge and wondering how i can use them up.any easy ideas especially baking is greatly appreciated.

ziggy32, Apr 10, 7:47am
choc fudge slice
cheese cake the topping part

jessie981, Apr 10, 7:47am
you can keep in freezer but this is a very easy recipe
pour condensed milk into a bowl, add
enough coconut to bind, sultanas (opt) & 1tsp vanilla essence
roll into balls & bake 15 - 20 mins @ 160 or until slightly brown.

seniorbones, Apr 10, 8:00am
I have just found out too that it can been frozen, I would pour into a container then label to indicate how much is in it...otherwise like me I have a small amount left from todays baking so its porridge this week for brekkie with c.m drizzled over it....dont try it you will be addicted!!!

mycd123, Apr 10, 8:24am
thanks everyone for your suggestion...
ziggy32 ...would love to try the choc fudge recipe if you have it

spr0uts, Apr 10, 8:27am
Lolly cake!!

jessie981, Apr 11, 5:11am
Choc Fudge
100gr butter
1/2 tin condensed milk
1 - 2TBSP cocoa
Pkt biscuits (malt are nice)
Melt first 3 ingredients over a low heat & add crushed biscuits.
Press into a tin & chill

cookessentials, Apr 11, 8:02am
Caramel Slice

tinkagirl, Apr 11, 8:08am
pour it over ice-cream...just stunning

rarogal, Apr 11, 9:10am
Lolly cake - but use chopped licorice allsorts!!

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