Condensed Milk - Can I freeze it?

pickles7, Sep 9, 9:32am
lol , done it again, uli

martine5, Sep 9, 9:57am
One of my childhood memories is the can openers that where triangle shaped and they were used to open condensed milk cans.Once opened my sister and I would take our teaspoons to the fridge (when Mum wasn't around) and wait for the sugary sweet goodness to come out.After a while we just picked up the can and sucked the living daylights out of the little triangle whole.Mum would often comment that she was surprised how little there was left when she next went to use the can of condensed milk.

shawkt, Sep 6, 12:55am
I have half a tin left over after making lolly cake and dont fancy making another can I freeze it or what else can I use it for?

245sam, Sep 6, 1:02am
shawkt, although I haven't done so personally, I believe that sweetened condensed milk freezes well - for some other uses I suggest that you try doing a search here on this Trademe MB using e.g. condensed milk as the Keywords and 'Anytime' as the Date posted - there are lots of things that the sw condensed milk can be used for thoughe.g. salad dressing - hope you find something that appeals to you.:-))

bunny51, Sep 6, 1:03am
i have frozen condenced milk Don't any more becasue Now I just double ay recipes I am makingthat use 1/2 a tin

vix.tribe, Sep 6, 2:16am

I like this advice! ;-)

wildflower, Sep 6, 4:05am
Yep it freezes just fine:)

seaspray1, Sep 7, 2:14am
I hate freezing it.It freezes perfectly and goes really thick BUT I know it's there and cannot help dipping into it with a teaspoon.........

uli, Sep 7, 2:18am
First price for most sensible cooking advice :)

wildflower, Sep 7, 3:47am
I know, it just calls to you ;)

loren8, Sep 7, 4:13am
I always freeze my left over 1/2 a tin, funny thing is when I go to use it again it's never there !!! hmmm those blimmin fairies again

bisloy, Sep 7, 7:42am
OOOOOOOh frozen would go LOVERLY in the coffee!!!!!

cookessentials, Sep 9, 9:33pm
I am not sure if you can freeze it to be honest. Might be worth asking Nestle. I remember liking out the tin after Mum had used it to make a slice or some such thing.

snapit, Sep 10, 1:39am
Freezes well. I sometimes get a catering size tin. I keep a cover over the top otherwise It can dry out a bit.
When you scoop it out soften over hot water or in microwave before measuring.

bubbacat1, Mar 8, 8:53am
Dont freeze it, eat it, i would