Strawberry Whip/Fluff?? evaporated milk and??

yodagirl, Dec 23, 10:09am
Hi I'm after a recipe for my partner.He wants something called strawberry whip.Iknow it has evaporated milk and jelly, but no idea what else, or how it all goes together.Can anyone help.Its from my childhood, and would love it again!!!

kuaka, Dec 23, 10:22am
I don't recall that particular one, but "fluffy jelly" is quite yummy.It is made by putting two and a half cups of water in a saucepan along with 2 dsp of semolina and 2 dsp of sugar and bringing to the boil and cooking for five minutes.Add to jelly.When cool, beat until light and fluffy and put into the fridge to set.

When it sets you end up with a jelly on the bottom with a fluffy topping.

juliewn, Dec 23, 10:25am
ps.. make sure the can of evaporated milk is very well chilled so it whips well with the jelly.. it makes quite a lot too.

dbab, Dec 11, 11:06am
My Mum used to make this with mashed strawberries, gelatine and a squeeze of lemon juice. When set it was stirred through whipped cream. These days I make up a strawberry jelly with a little less water, add the mashed strawberries, and when set, add to whipped cream. It doesn't work very well with the cold water jellies.