Can I make strawberry jam then freeze it.

sylvia1, Nov 30, 3:22am
I don't have enough jars, so is it able to be frozen or are there any other sorts of containers I can use.

samsnan, Nov 30, 3:25am
Yes you can just put it in icecream containers. It wont set hard and you can scoop it out as you need it. Lid on the container though.

lizab, Nov 30, 3:45am
I do the same as samsnan. There's so much sugar in the jam, it really does freeze fairly soft and is easy to pour into jars as you need it.

suzanna, Nov 30, 4:06am
I only freeze my jam now as it's so much less hassle. I too discovered the method when I had run out of thing ever as now I have more jars for pickles. Also saves alot of waste and you dont have to just have one 'flavour' until the jar is empty. you'll love it.

cgvl, Nov 30, 4:28am
I make my jam up until the adding sugar stage and freeze it at that point. On lid I write 1.5kg strawberry jam need to add 1kg sugar. Or the amount of fruit/sugar ratio you normally use.
I can then make into jam when I have the jars.

noonesgirl, Nov 30, 5:02am
I keep raspberry jam in freezer as it much nicer & keeps its fresh taste, especially in baking.

duckmoon, Nov 30, 7:24am
I do apricot jam in the freezer.

motorbo, Nov 30, 7:55am
how kewl so you make the jam as per a normal recipe, but in a container to freeze at the end rather than the jar?

sylvia1, Nov 30, 7:55am
Thank you everyone. Just bought 4 kilos of jam strawberries in wanganui. Not sure if 4 kilos will get as far as jam. They seem to be dissapearing before my eyes. LOL

lizab, Sep 18, 4:46pm
that's right motorbo - make as per normal. Instead of bottling when hot into jars, wait til the jam has gone cold, then pour into icecream containers and freeze. (make sure you keep the containers upright though, as I have had a little leakage in the past, when the kids have tipped the contents of freezer upside down looking for real icecream and not jam!!)