Strawberry Shortcake

spence11, Nov 15, 12:02am
Would like some ideas please - I wondered if I could use the apple shortcake base with a strawberry filling. I feel that I would need a custard or creamy base to place the strawberrys on, plus glaze the top- do not want to make a cake type base - any ideal would be appreicated.Thanks

sarahj1, Nov 15, 8:56pm
Most classic American strawberry shortcake recipes are pretty much what we would call a rich scone dough - split in half and filled with whipped cream and berries.

margyr, Aug 7, 6:55pm
Mum used to make a strawberry shortcake, she used the shortcake base and just put chopped strawberries that she had soaked in icing sugar (drained) onto the bottom layer and then another layer of short pastry on the top. This was yum but was abit soggy the next day. To make them go abit further you could put them in stewed apple and then in the shortcake.