Recipe ideas with sweet condensed milk

chrisran, Nov 7, 9:59pm
Any ideas on how I can use up a half can of sweetened condensed milk? Most recipes are heavy on butter. Would love some suggestions. Ta

petal1955, Nov 7, 10:10pm
Salad dressing???

tortenz, Nov 7, 11:56pm
I made this slice a couple of months back... was really good, and simple!

sarahj1, Nov 8, 12:43am
Take one teaspoon in right hand.Dip in left-over condensed milk. Insert spoon into mouth. Repeat until can is empty....mmmmm

darlingmole, Nov 8, 1:05am
coconut slice.Crush a packet of malt biscuits (gingernuts are good too) and mix with 100g melted butter, pressed into a small slice dish.In a bowl mix condensed milk with 1 C coconut (put in microwace on high to make mixture runnier to pour over prepared base) then throw in oven for 20 mins on 180 deg.

greerg, Nov 8, 3:24am
Look up Bounty truffles.These were posted by Nauru last Christmas and tey are great - can be frozen too.She took an awful lot of flak from those to whom condensed milk is an invention of the devil but a lot more people found them a great addition to the Christmas treat repertoire.

uli, Nov 8, 4:53am
Just eat it with a spoon out of the tin - You know you'd like to ... :)

chrisran, Jul 21, 5:58pm
Been thinking of adding it to the morning coffee till the tin is all gone but I know I will get addicted.