Lite condensed milk

supercook, Oct 22, 11:41pm
I bought it by accident has anyone used this before? Whats it ok for baking?

jessie981, Oct 23, 12:29am
Only used it for salad dressing & wasn't good. Can't you exchange it?

rkcroft, Oct 23, 2:22am
Yes I have used it for baking and not noticed any great difference.

alebix, Oct 23, 3:06am
Would be ok in a lemon meringue pie.

wildflower, Oct 23, 3:12am
That's all I ever use for any recipe with condensed milk, never noticed any difference at all.

bunny51, Oct 23, 4:17am
I have used it like normal condenced milk and not noticed any difference

mudguts2, Jun 20, 3:55am
thats all i use.never found it any different to the normal one.prob healthier.