Chocolate condensed milk.

huntlygirl, Nov 8, 8:03am
I have a tin sitting in the pantry that I want to use but cant think of recipes.

donald6, Nov 8, 11:19am
We made a lovely choc yoghurt icecream the other day. used nat yoghurt, cream & choccy cond milk. I can look for the recipe tomorrow if you are interested.

noonesgirl, Nov 8, 8:54pm
Make a shortcake base, either plain or chocolate & use the condensed Milk for the filling then ice. Yum, would love something sweet now.

litedelites, Nov 8, 9:28pm
Wow, didn't even know you could get this.I would be interested in the ice cream recipe, thanks

lizab, Nov 8, 9:58pm
I haven't noticed this in the supermarket yet - sounds intriguing!

noonesgirl, Nov 9, 1:07am
Been in store awhile, next to Caramel Condensed

donald6, Nov 9, 9:06am
Yoghurt Icecream. tin condensed milk, 200ml carton yoghurt, 300mls cream. Beat all & freeze. We used the choccy cond milk as that's all we had & used natural yoghurt. Would be nice with the caramel cond milkone as wellbut this one was delicious.

donald6, Jul 25, 12:01pm
bumping for litedelites