Is evaporated milk the same as condensed milk

filmstar2, Sep 30, 8:58pm
Wanting to make cheese rolls

sleyle, Sep 30, 9:02pm
No, two completely different products.

greerg, Sep 30, 9:41pm
Condensed milk is very sweet and sticky, evaporated is just like very concentrated milk - it may have additives I'm not sure.You can make cheese rolls with reduced cream too - just doesn't make as much mixture so not as economical and higher fat.

angelmobility, Oct 1, 4:02am
Thank you both.

amsandlant, Oct 1, 9:59pm
Evaporated milk is unsweetened condensed milk.

kuaka, Oct 2, 8:25am
Evaporated milk is more like UHT milk.Condensed milk is much much thicker.I've never considered evaporated milk and unsweetened condensed milk as being the same.I could be wrong, but they are totally different textures.

amsandlant, Oct 2, 8:12pm
someone agrees with me at least, lol

I've got a couple of recipes that call for "unsweetened condensed milk", which you don't find by that name in supermarkets here, just evaporated milk.

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