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family007, Jan 7, 9:07am
An easy way to figure out what you can and cannot eat turn the food pyramid upside down. I just cut out spuds, pasta, rice legumes and sugat. Limit carrots and parsnips. Fruit you can eat on lo carb are Watermelon, Rockmelon, strawberries Berries. Fats include Cheddar cheese, full cream milk, cream, butter, avocados, olive oil ( extra virgin),
Red wine is okay 1 or 2 a week, 80% cocoa chocolate. A good website to check out is Nutricianforlife.nz
Really good recipes there!

eljayv, Jan 7, 8:19pm
Two loaves suggested above

jan2242, Jan 7, 9:40pm
Which recipe did you use as I see there are lots of fathead bagel ones online? They are all different. I have made the fathead pastry and it was amazing.

timturtle, Jan 8, 5:53am

ziamara72, Jan 8, 6:03am
This is my favorite go to low carb bread

90 second Bread

3 TBLs almond flour
1 egg
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 1/2 TBLs Butter

Melt butter first , mix in dry ingredients and then mix in egg
Place on some grease proof paper , cook in microwave on high for 90 seconds , slice in half to make 2 slices

I use gluten flour instead of almond flour . Also you can add to it , I've added garlic and cheese before and it came out awesome , so you could probably add dried fruits for a sweeter bread

You will be surprised how quick and easy this is

eljayv, Jan 12, 3:59am
Interesting recipes will try the fathead bagel recipe and I have the recipe for fathead dough sausage rolls which I want to try soon also.

samanya, Jan 12, 5:23am
I'm not sure, is almond flour the same as almond meal?

timturtle, Jan 12, 6:00am
Yes it is here in NZ

blueboy64, Oct 30, 9:38pm
I have been recommended to eat low carb bread by my dietician. I went to Countdown and PNS to find. I could find gluten free but no low carb. I have looked on Huckleberry Farms website and cannot find it. Does anyone know where it can be purchased. TIA.

jan2242, Oct 30, 9:47pm
How low carb was recommended? Burgen have a soy linseed one that is about 9.8g carb for 2 slices. There are loads of recipes to make your won, but I find they don't taste and can be expensive to bake. Maybe someone here will jump in with a foolproof recipe.

blueboy64, Oct 30, 9:54pm
when I saw dietician he brought up an image on his computer and it said $5.99, I know a loaf will last a week maybe 2 so I felt if it helps get diabetes under control it is worth it. I have found the recipes on line and am tempted to give it a try (but like everyone it is finding the time.)

jan2242, Oct 30, 10:06pm
Yes, time and most, if not all include almond meal which is expensive. I would ask him if The Burgen soy linseed bread is ok, that would work out to 6.45g carb per slice. I am eating low carb, and you have reminded me of this bread LOL, might get some this week.

lythande1, Oct 30, 11:15pm
How about just eating less bread?

blueboy64, Oct 30, 11:20pm
I don't eat a lot of bread which is why a loaf would last at least a week if not 2 or 3.(if it does not go off) I just feel if there is a healthier option I should go for it. I have even stopped drinking diet drinks as well. All water now (except at quiz or watching warriors-they drive you to drink!). No chocolate or butter, cut back crisp intake by 95%. So low carb bread is only other change I feel I can make.

kateley, Oct 30, 11:47pm
I haven't read this article right through, but it might contain some useful info for you

valentino, Oct 31, 12:16am
Blueboy64, try this recipe, is a detox and is very nice.

Is not fully a bread loaf but then can be used instead of bread as we normally know as such.

With this, there is no added extras like butter, spreads, and so on.


Detox loaf
¾ cup Sultanas

1¾ cups Apple juice

½ cup Rolled oats

½ tsp Baking soda

1 cup Dates, chopped

½ cup Dried apricots, chopped

2 Apples, smallish size, chopped into small dice

1½ cups Wholemeal flour

2 tsp Baking powder

½ tsp Cinnamon

½ tsp Mixed spice

Heat oven to 180C. Bring apple juice and sultanas to the boil in a pot.
Remove from the heat and stir in oats and baking soda, then set aside to cool slightly.
Place chopped dates, apricots and apples into a bowl and mix through the wholemeal flour, baking powder, cinnamon and mixed spice.
Pour in the apple juice mixture and stir to just combine.
Spread into a greased and lined loaf tin and bake for 45-55 minutes until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.
Rest for 5 minutes then turn out on to a cake rack.

If you are concerned about the Wholemeal Flour then alter it by reducing the flour amount but adding Almond Nut Flour (simply grounded Almond nuts) to same volume.

davidt4, Oct 31, 12:21am
Valentino have you calculated the net carbs in your recipe? It seems to me that it would be higher carb than ordinary commercial bread given the sultanas, dates, apricots and apple juice, as well as the flour and the rolled oats.

korbo, Oct 31, 12:27am
. not sure if this is low enough, but I am T2 and make this 3 times a week in breadmaker.
3ooml warm water
2 tblspn butter or oil (notOlive)
2 teaspn sugar
1.1/2 teaspn salt
3 cups flour . (mix white with half wholemeal)
2 tblspn milk or milk powder
3 teaspn bread yeast.
put all in bucket in the above order and switch on.

valentino, Oct 31, 12:29am
Hmmm, was wondering re the Wholemeal Flour part and the rolled oats but the rolled oats are a superfood item.
The wholemeal flour is altered to suit oneself, I left that recipe as it was originally given, Have done this with Almond Flour of about 3/4 cup and balance of wholemeal flour, came out very nice.

Unsure on the Carb Level but most Gluten Free - Diabetic - Low Carb recipes virtually go hand in hand sort of.

The dried Fruits could have a slightly higher sugar content than if they were fresh which I was told that the benefits overall are still better than other items.

Editing to add, Perhaps Poster 1 needs to ask the dietician about these items first, yeah, a very good point.


sarahb5, Oct 31, 1:28am
Well if you don't eat much bread why not ditch it completely?

davidt4, Oct 31, 2:06am
As an exercise I've added up the carbs of the major ingredients of your recipe and they work out at about 485g net carbs in total. So if you get 12 slices from the loaf that is 40g of carbohydrate per slice. That is about what I eat in a whole day's worth of food and eaten as a snack would cause a big insulin surge, no different from eating a piece of cake.

valentino, Oct 31, 2:16am
That is quite high.

It was recommended for me to have and yeah a slice at a time for about a fortnight.

So in effect, a lot of these so called Detox Loaves, diabetic Loaves are no good as you pointed out re insulin amounts.

Sounds as though the Dried Fruits are the real culprits.

That says goodbye also to a number of Middle Eastern recipes especially with dates etc.

Thank you for this.


davidt4, Oct 31, 2:36am
Yes, dried fruit is very concentrated and is mainly sugar. And the other big contributor of carbs is the wholemeal flour.

I'm afraid you cannot rely on descriptions such as "detox" and "diabetic" as they are meaningless. And even "low carb" means different things to different people. Some of the research projects which have compared effects of low carb and high diets have come up with meaningless results because they defined "low carb" as anything from 150g to 200g of net carbs, which is certainly lower than the standard American diet but not low carb by any modern definition. The whole field is an absolute minefield and you can't take anything for granted.

wildflower, Oct 31, 2:41am
Freya's do a low carb bread.

valentino, Oct 31, 2:42am
And to add Genetically modified grains etc to that list.

I personally do not eat bread these days and my personal diet is forever changing as I'm aging, Yep, unprepared when I was young but then in those days, the food sources was no where as much as these days but then the foods you eat too is limited on your weekly budgets esp raising a family on one income and so on.
How things change and more so how much wiser one can get these days.

Still though, life goes on and still learning even in the twilight years.

So all you younger ones, Take note.


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