Undercooked cookies

spencer26, Jun 6, 3:39am
I am not a good cook, but do try and bake my own cookies. Made a batch of date and walnut but although the recipe did not specify any milk, I added some as I thought the mix was too dry. Result a batch of cookies that are too moist.
My question is. can I return the to a hot oven (say 180d) to give then some additional bake time? . Say 10/15 minutes?
Help! and thanks for any comments

malcovy, Jun 6, 4:14am
Yes you can. Although try less cooking time and if the cookies need longer reduce the temp.

bisloy, Jun 6, 9:31am
I have found the secret for me to cook biscuits is to make sure you use the correct temperature and only cook them until they are the correct colour and the surface no longer looks like it has wet/moist patches.
I would pop them back in. Worst that will happen is that you will have some nice biscuit crumbs for a cheese cake or crumble slice!

spencer26, Sep 6, 1:55am
Thanks for the comments. I gave them a re-cook and it was highly successful. Your comments are appreciated.

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