Subway cookies?

isis., Feb 2, 6:02am
Does anyone have a cookie recipe that makes cookies like subways ones?

lindylambchops1, Feb 2, 6:08am
Just type in Google 'Recipe for Subway Cookies'...plenty of good links there.Which subway cookie recipe do you want?Choc chip?White choc & macadamia nuts?Good luck & happy baking!

isis., Feb 2, 6:47am
white and mcadamia :) the BEST by far
Found a recipe cheers

mindi1, Feb 4, 10:26am
Just go to New World and buy the mix they actually use. Ma Higgins cookies ~ white choc and macadamia, double chocolate chip ~ pre-shaped; just put in oven for 17 minutes. Nothing original or hand baked about their cookies. They are just the same as the ones sold at service stations.

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