Chocolate topping for coffee.

paora-tm, Oct 16, 7:34am
Anyone know if any is available? I have some little 7gm bottles of Nestle chocolate powder topping which came in packets of some sort of dessert which I can't remember. Ding Ding . they actually used to come with one of the Nescafe sachet coffees. I think!

lyndad59, Oct 16, 7:59am
I just use Drinking chocolate .I put it in a salt shaker

sarahb5, Oct 16, 6:26pm
Cafes also use drinking chocolate - usually the Vittoria (sp) brand

wasgonna, Oct 16, 7:00pm
Yep, that's the best choccie in town.

cottagerose, Oct 16, 7:36pm
Nescafé extra strong 10 pack coffees have a tube of chocolate in them. They're $4 this week at New World.

paora-tm, Dec 12, 10:49am
Mmmmmmm. perfect. Thank you. :)

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