Chocolate/cheese truffles circa 1970's

fpress, May 8, 5:56am
Does anyone remember these/have a recipe for these. I think they were popular in the late 70's. Or am I dreaming.
My brothers ex wife's parents made some for a family occasion back in those days. I was a child and remember how yum they were.

slimgym, May 9, 7:24pm
I think by memory one pkt of chocolate biscuits, nice with tim tams with the new flavors same weight of cream cheese and blizz up can roll in cocoa, chocolate hail, or nuts pop in fridge to set.

hope that helps

articferrit, Sep 25, 2:53am
look up the timtam truffle recipes, made with cream cheese, they are one of our christmas go to treats now.

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