well the lemon coconut white choc truffles are

theanimal1, Dec 23, 2:00am
done as are the apricot brandy white chocolate truffles, the marshmallow chocolate, the nut currant and apricot in dark chocolate done, next will be russian fudge and chocolate fudge, then just sort out who is getting what and how much, and package them then thats all the homemade edible gifts done whew.

annie.nz, Dec 23, 3:07am
Can I come to your place?

luckyduck, Dec 23, 5:38am
Yum, I have glazed the ham , made the pav and the black forest trifle, might make shortbread and truffles tomorrow

dkpop, Dec 23, 5:39am
YUM! I want to be your friend. I made Nanas recipe shortbread, russian fudge and truffles. Rest tomorrow.

fruitluva2, Dec 23, 5:44am
Er, Luckyduck are you having your mealxmas eve? just wondering why all the trifles are being made 2 days in advance, yours and others.

spoeklet, Dec 23, 5:46am
Whoa - where did you get the black-forest trifle recipe - my god, that sounds like the best pudding ever!

luckyduck, Dec 23, 8:04am
Yes we are having our meal on xmas eve.

luckyduck, Dec 23, 8:07am
Black forest trifle is one of cooksessentials recipes. It was so easy and looks great.

theanimal1, Dec 24, 7:34am
russian fudge
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/56/115137156_full. jp


apricot brandy truffles in white chocolate
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/25/115187225_full. jp


chocolate fudge
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/85/115187485_full. jp


lemon coconut truffles
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/66/115187566_full. jp


http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/28/115187628_full. jp


peanut currant apricot choc
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/52/115187652_full. jp


this is the first of 3 batches lol

deviant7, Jan 1, 3:09pm
can i ahve recipe for lemon truffles?

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