Recipe including green grapes & cherry tomatoes

cosimo, Jul 3, 11:57pm
During summer, I tried this great recipe for a salsa that went with grilled (or baked) fish. I think it also included balsamic vinegar, and was cooked in a pot. I thought it was a Nadia Lim recipe, but have gone through her books and can't find it. Grape was in the title of the recipe.

Can anyone point me to it? I would really love to have it for this evening if possible.

unknowndisorder, Jul 4, 7:07am

cosimo, Jul 4, 8:01am
Unfortunately, no. But that looks lovely - I'll save it, so thanks.

cosimo, Aug 4, 5:48pm
Found the recipe. It is a Nadia Lim one. Pan-Fried Fish with Mediterranean Potators and Grape Agrodolce. in What's for Dinner! Highly recommended!

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