Bread making without a dutch oven

kclu, Jun 21, 4:57am
What success have you had using a casserole dish ?size, stock pot or similar?

nauru, Jun 21, 6:28am
I make no-knead bread using a 4L glass casserole with a lid and it works fine, great results. I can't justify the price tag of a dutch oven.

kclu, Jun 25, 3:59am
Thank you Nauru, that's what I wanted to know. I am going to attempt no-knead bread too.

nauru, Jun 25, 8:49am
kclu, there are some videos on youtube worth a watch. is a good site, he has several videos on youtube. He uses several methods of baking and has some great recipes for no-knead bread. It is such an easy, no work involved bread to make and tastes great.

lythande1, Jun 26, 7:35am
Really, put it in anything you like, pottery dish, pyrex, tin, make a lid if you have none, a peak of tinfoil for instance. but I would let it brown, no-knead or not.

sellontrademe, Jun 28, 4:41am
no knead bread is amazing I make it all the time, if you happen to have a pizza stone it works really well dumped onto a preheated one of those too

uli, Jul 1, 5:23am
Why do you think you need a Dutch oven?
You can bake bread in almost anything from a frypan on the wood stove to a normal gas or electric oven. Maybe I am missing something here?

nauru, Jul 1, 7:00am
Yes Uli, but OP was referring to a no knead bread which is normally baked in a pre heated dutch oven and wanted to know if she could bake it in a casserole dish.
To get that kind of a crust on artisan breads that professionals achieve, they use steam-injected ovens, this is what the dutch oven does. Jim Lahey developed the recipe for his no-knead bread some years ago by using very little yeast, a long fermenting time and baking the bread in a preheated covered pot (dutch oven). I use a covered casserole dish with great success, the recipe makes great bread with a texture very like sour dough bread.

nauru, Jul 1, 7:20am
Used the pizza stone to bake my batch of no knead bread rolls today. They were a great success and yes, I agree no knead bread is amazing. I make it a couple of times a week now, much better than shop bought.

bisloy, Jul 1, 11:27am
If you use a pizza stone do you need to cover it?

lindylambchops1, Jul 1, 11:09pm
Oh! I must have a go at this

sellontrademe, Jul 2, 2:04am
I didn't and it still turned out a fabulous loaf

nauru, Aug 10, 5:55pm
I usually use a sheet of baking paper, eliminates the use of cornmeal to stop sticking, just my preference.

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