How to tenderise or soften a gravy beef curry

moparpete, Aug 20, 5:24am
A friend gave us 6 kgs of gravy beef to cook a vindaloo for a work do, which I finished cooking just now.The taste is very good but the meat is still chewy.I marinated the meat with lemon juice and spices at first, thinking that might tenderise it,them cooked for 1 an 1/2 hour. Can I now put it in a slow cooker for another 4 hrs and hope it will soften?Any advice much appreciated as the curry will be served tomorrow evening.

twindizzy, Aug 20, 5:25am
keep cooking low and slow - will be fine.

nz_stacie, Aug 20, 9:08am
Use milk

schnauzer11, Aug 20, 10:07am
A pressure-cooker would save a huge amount of time.

smallwoods, Aug 20, 10:10am
Low and slow now, but should have marinated over night to cook that quick.
Pressure cooker is my best friend now for a quick cook.

lythande1, Aug 20, 7:41pm
Not long enough, cook slowly for longer.

kaddiew, Aug 20, 8:07pm
Agree, low and very slow. Gravy beef will fall apart when cooked long enough.

lilyfield, Aug 20, 9:28pm
Milk? How so?

schnauzer11, Aug 20, 9:33pm
As it will with 45 minutes in a pressure-cooker.

kaddiew, Aug 20, 10:11pm
One of those certainly would be handy,.

moparpete, Aug 21, 12:18am
Ok ,its been on low setting in slow cooker for six hrs allready, still bit tough so will leave another 5 hrs. Hope this really works. Next time going to use a pressure cooker, had one with 4 litre capacity so thought couldn't fit the 6 kgs of meat in it.Normally when I cook it with pork, I don't have this chewy problem.

moparpete, Jan 4, 3:50pm
Thanks to all your answers. Vindaloo was successful, the meat softened nicely.Happy with the end result.

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