Fish stock

nickolas3, Jan 27, 1:31am
Just wondering if I can freeze some fish stock .I have boiled the fish heads , taken the fish flesh off to make fish cakes an I'm left with the stock , which I cant deal with right now .

davidt4, Jan 27, 1:56am
Yes, it freezes well.

strathview, Jan 27, 2:06am
Never use fish heads, gills or roe for stock. Does not make nice tasting stock.
Only use the bones.

aktow, Jan 28, 1:02pm
total rubbish, the heads are full of fish meat and flavour, every restaurant i worked in we used fish heads and frames to make stock.

strathview, Jan 28, 7:32pm
If you are a qualified chef you would know you only use the frames for fish stock.

rainrain1, Jan 28, 9:12pm
I did that once (trying to waste not want not) and made soup from the stock, it was so disgusting I had to biff it,,, now I just biff the whole head, put me off the heads for life that did. Yuk!

rebecca18, Jan 28, 11:44pm
I also use fish heads to make stock for soup, as my mother and her mother did before me. The soup is delicious. I don't overcook the head though, maybe only 25 minutes, perhaps that is the trick, who knows.

dreamers, Jan 29, 5:46am
Agree, I always use the heads ,never had a problem.

dreamers, Jan 29, 5:52am
If you google fish stock,the majority of recipes use fish heads.

rainrain1, Jan 29, 6:07am
Or fish bones and shrimp shells

tazdevil38, Jan 29, 6:12am
When I did my chef training a few years ago, we used the heads. Stock turned out fine

punkinthefirst, Jan 29, 7:43am
My copy of "Basic Cookery" (the main textbook used when I did my chef training, states that after the preliminary sweating off of the mirepoix and the fish bones and trimmings, the water, peppercorns and lemon juice should be added, brought to the boil, and simmered 25 minutes. It adds that "overcooking of the fish bones may result in a bitter stock"
Nary a mention of fish heads, but I've made stock from fish heads for about 40 years, with no trouble whatever. And yes, it freezes perfectly.

strathview, Jan 29, 9:46am
My recipe is wash off the bones in cold water for 1 hour. Heat the olive oil in a pot that will hold all the ingredients and still have a gap at the top for skimming. Add all the vegetables and sweat without colour for 3 minutes. Add the fish bones and sweat for a further 3 minutes. Add the white wine and enough water to cover. Bring to a simmer, skim of the impurities and add the herbs, peppercorns and lemon. Turn off the heat. Infuse for 25 minutes then pass into another pan and reduce by half. The stock is then ready for use. My mirepoix is Onions, leeks celery and fennel bulb. This is the reason you never use fish heads in a fish stock as to get good flavour there is the need to reduce the stock by half. This is basic level 2 practical cookery for apprenticeships.

rainrain1, Jan 29, 9:02pm
Great strathview, I was wishing you would post your method

jan2242, Jan 29, 9:11pm
My mother used to make fish head soup - Just the stock from the heads (onion & herbs added), and added grated carrot - super basic but very yum.

strathview, Jan 30, 1:33am
You only had to ask, it is no secret. Stock standard chef recipe although I did not provide quantities. lol

rainrain1, Jan 30, 3:34am
Well you can if you want

beaker59, Jan 30, 7:55am
Sounds like BS to me chefs not using fish heads.

Fish heads make awesome stock, don't be told otherwise same with skimming "impurities" off the top. That's only when making very clear stocks for specific dishes like consommé.

Only rule I follow is not to overcook the fish stock as that can bring out a certain bitterness though even then its still better than no fish stock in most dishes.

Some heads are a waste to put in a stock though smoked cold snapper heads are my favourite lunch :D

strathview, Oct 30, 9:08am
And some people can't be told. It is all about flavour and to get that you have to reduce the stock.

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