Cake bakers please, ready to roll icing.

blondinie, Mar 18, 8:46am
Hi, iv'e bought a box of Dr.Oetker ready to roll icing from the supermarket, and I would like to know if its o.k to add food gel colouring to them, to make additional colours. It has a green, a white and a red in the box, but I need orange,yellow, purple, blue, possibly other colours as well. So is it ok ( safe) to just add some food colouring to them?
Also, how long in advance can you make shapes? Is it best done the night before I need them, and just leave them in a container overnight or something? Thanks

blondinie, Mar 18, 8:53am
Just noticed the food colour gel I have, is "Queen" brand, from the supermarket, if that makes any difference? The ready to roll icing is Dr. Oetker

camper18, Mar 21, 3:46am
I'm no expert but I successfully used the gel and the queen colours in a couple of cakes I did. Making any shapes or decorations would be ok made ahead, just carefully place them in an airtight container and they will harden up.

blondinie, Mar 21, 5:57am
thanks camper18

katalin2, Oct 13, 5:45am
You can add either gel or drops successfully. Also you can make your shapes days ahead just keep them in a glad sandwich bag sealed.