No bake cheesecake pan

johvri, Dec 15, 8:50pm
Hi i want to make a no bake cheesecake and im wondering what sort of pan to use as i dont want it to stick and so its relatively easy to get it out. any suggestions would be grateful thanks

245sam, Dec 15, 10:07pm
johvri, almost all of the cheesecakes I make are unbaked cheesecakes and I use whatever cake pan is required for the particular recipe I'm making. I line the pan with foil, being sure to make it as smooth as possible i.e. without any little 'nooks and crannnies' that the cheesecake filling can sneak into. With the foil lining I also allow plenty of overhang to enable the cheesecake to be lifted out of the tin.
For real ease of removal I would suggest that you use a spring form tin if you have access to one of the appropriate size - if needing to buy a cake pan remember that spring form pans are now available in many different sizes, and shapes (not just round, but e.g. square and oblong). :-))

johvri, Nov 20, 5:01pm
Thanks for your advise much appreciated

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