Pureed food for someone [elderly] who

herbiem, Jul 19, 1:11am
has difficultly swallowing. Have never done this before. Anyone got any tips?

petal1955, Jul 19, 1:20am
Well you can puree most things (normal food) just make sure it has a sauce/gravy with it as well so its easy to swallow.I presume you have a food processor or Hand stick blender ?

herbiem, Jul 19, 3:17am
I have a food processor. Thank you petal

autumnwinds, Jul 19, 4:50am
Try not to whizz everything together - it can end up as one unappetising mess. Better, if possible, to puree items separately, and give a small spoonful with gravy or sauce - eg chicken casserole, whizzed up, with sides of pureed carrot, white sauce/gravy, cauli, etc.

I used to do this at times some years ago for my Dad, and recently had to have pureed foods for my adult son, who had all his teeth removed to prevent abscesses, to facilitate his eligibility/priority for a kidney donation. My son obviously was able to feed himself, but definitely prefferred the separate tastes. As he said "you've got to be able to taste each item, not have gloop for 3 months!"

Speak to your pharmacist, too - there is a gel-like product that can be added to liquids/food to facilitate swallowing, to make food less dangerous for those who can't manage liquid foods. Sorry, I just can't remember the name. And there are other powders and drinks that can be added, to ensure adequate nutrition.

autumnwinds, Jul 19, 4:56am
Another tip from the recent experience with my son. He was loosing weight too quickly, so we tried Aunt Betty sponge puddings (ones without extras in them). 30 seconds in the microwave, tip into small bowl, cut into 8, add around 1/4 cup milk or cream, gently mush. divine (the "cook" got her's, too!). Lots of nice flavours, not too expensive, and a great way to add extra calories if needed.

245sam, Jul 19, 5:49am
I very much agree with autumnwinds re this - Many many years ago in pre-child days, I had my teeth extracted and for ease I tried all the components of normal dinner meals all pureed together. I found that it was the most disgusting food I had ever tried to eat - so much so that I vowed that any child of mine wasn't going to be expected to eat any such moulied/pureed mush and she didn't; but as a teenager she had a part-time job with a catering business that was responsible for providing meals to local elderly and I recall her telling us how she had pureed the food for some of those people. each item was pureed separately and presented on the plate(s) in exactly the same way as if unpureed so that it was more visually appealing and just as autumnwind's son preferred, the taste of each food could be enjoyed.

I suggest that sauce/gravy may not be appropriate or required with every food item and in that case I suggest milk, meat or fish stock and in the case of vegetables, a little of their cooking water. Cottage cheese and butter may be other options too, depending on whether or not there are any dietary restrictions.

Good luck herbiem - I'm sure whatever you do will be much appreciated by the elderly recipient. :-))

autumnwinds, Jul 19, 5:56am
There are a large number of pdf. files available for people with Dysphagia (swallowing difficulty), too - and a hospital dietician could give you more ideas, for an elderly person.

A couple of the pdf.files:
https://www.torbayandsouthdevon.nhs.uk/uploads/23466.pdf https://www.mda.org/sites/default/files/publications/Meals_Easy_Swallowing_P-508.pdf

autumnwinds, Jul 19, 6:00am
These are a couple of the products available to add to liquids to make them easier to swallow, less likely to choke:
www.altrix.co.nz/rapid-thickener/ https://www.pharmacydirect.co.nz/Nutilis-Instant-Food-Thickener-Powder-300g.html

Suitable for most drinks, even soups, to make them easier to swallow.

zeta7, Jul 24, 10:49am
I have swallowing problems i find heaps of gravy soups or sauces cut up small help heaps makes food taste nice witch makes me what to eat it or i would rather not eat any thing do not pureed food or they will not feel full and take time to eat only small amounts my throat had nearly closed up

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