Mutton neck roast

spectrum2, Jun 9, 9:12pm
can anyone help, how long do you cook a 2.5kg mutton neck roast in a slow cooker?

smallwoods, Jun 9, 9:20pm
Put on auto for around 4 hours.
Best to brown in a fry pan first.

pauline999, Jun 9, 9:24pm
Agree- brown first. I did mine on low for 8 hours because I was out all day.

spectrum2, Jun 9, 9:29pm
thankyou :) . do i need to add any liquid to slow cooker with meat? appreciate your help

rainrain1, Jun 9, 9:45pm
A couple of Tblsp of water will do the trick. could take longer than four hours depending on your cooker. I never time food in the cooker, I only ever test it to make sure it's cooked.

spectrum2, Jun 9, 10:03pm
cheers :)

fifie, Sep 4, 2:03am
Rub meat with oil,sp, crushed garlic, Brown in hot pan. Put a little plate upside down in bottom of sc, sit roast meat on plate, drizzle little balsamic vinegar over the top of your meat. Cook on low most of day. Sitting meat on plate keeps it out of any fat.

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