Induction cooking plates

eljayv, Sep 2, 9:52pm
Anyone got one and if do any good and which brand? Sometimes when help is offered with dinner I find that two people In front of the stove is awkward.

samanya, Sep 2, 10:17pm
Do you mean a full induction hob or a stand alone single plate?
I have an induction hob & love it. It's fast & easy to clean.

eljayv, Sep 2, 10:21pm
Just stand alone plate so I can give a "helper" somewhere to help and keep my own elbow room intact

samanya, Sep 2, 11:01pm
I thought maybe that's what you are after.
I can't help there, sorry.
I've only looked at them for an elderly relative who lives in a serviced apartment in a retirement village & is allowed to cook in her unit, but I wondered if she would get the hang of the touch controls ;o)

neil_di, Sep 2, 11:32pm
I have a hot plate. bought from Mitre 10 mega . so useful and easy to use.You need the compatible pots. Great for using outside when making chutneys and sauces

alleycatz, Dec 27, 4:54pm
K mart have them - believe it or not !

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