Salmon/potato fishcakes

spencer26, Jun 17, 5:54am
I have tried on several occasions to make potato/salmon(tinned) fishcakes but they always end up too sloppy.
If anyone would share a recipe I would be grateful. I have the spuds and a can of salmon ready!
Any comments appreciated

bubblegirlblack, Jun 17, 6:54am
If too sloppy add in some breadcrumbs - fresh or drt

korbo, Jun 17, 7:57am
best way. cook and mash spuds, no butter or milk. leave overnight, then drain the salmon, chopped onion, pepper and anything else. breadcrumbs,egg, then form into patties.use more breadcrumbs if too wet.

articferrit, Jun 17, 8:12am
as above and cook them as soon as possible after making them.

bella95, Jun 17, 2:27pm
I make fishcakes a lot, l usually use tuna but sometimes use salmon. They're such a favourite that anytime l cook mashed potato l cook a double quantity. I used to make 'undressed' potatoes especially but don't bother now as it seems to work just as well. The next day mix in half a finely chopped onion, some chopped parsley and a well drained can of fish. Mix well - hands are easiest. Use a soupspoon and scoop out a heaped spoonful. Shape gently into cakes roll in flour, then beaten egg then breadcrumbs. Fry over medium heat til golden and crispy. If you're worried they might turn out sloppy, just make one and test fry it. If it falls apart stir a spoonful of flour through the rest of the mixture before you shape them.

spencer26, Aug 24, 12:54am
Thanks folks. I will use your combined skills ti try again

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