Stuffed Tomatoes

moppy26, Feb 3, 1:26am
Tasty recipe for stuffed tomatoes please.

lythande1, Feb 3, 2:13am
I made some yesterday to use some of the 122 I had picked.
All I did was scoop the centres, use 1/2 of it, added grated cheese (aged of course), and some crumbled grilled till crisp bacon, and a bit of pepper.
Ate mine cold, husband baked his.

davidt4, Feb 3, 3:02am
I like them sprinkled with finely chopped garlic, a few capers and the flesh of some olives (plus chopped anchovy if you like it), extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake or cook in a covered barbecue for about an hour. Serve hot, warm or cool.

daarhn, Feb 3, 6:41am
Filled with a rich vegetable ratatouille with pieces fetta

or a creamy cheese sauce with prawns or chunks salmon

or a spicy chorizo paella styled Spanish rice

or slow roasted chilli beans either with ground beef or without in a rich sauce and cheese tops to bubble over sides., Feb 3, 10:19pm
Look up Yemista or Gemista Greek recipes- A very popular summer dish is stuffed tomatoes and capsicums (peppers).

daarhn, Feb 4, 2:38am
what I grew up with and still make the Yugoslav way

uli, Oct 27, 6:46pm
I fill them with a mix of mince (usually half pork half beef), add the seeds that I have scooped out, salt, pepper or chilli, onions or chives and lots of basil or thyme and rosemary. Add either a few spoonfuls of leftover rice or some breadcrumbs and a few eggs. Mix well.

Stuff and bake or steam or put into a large pan with a bit of stock and red wine (best option in my eyes), put a lid on and braise. Can top the beef mix with a slice of tomato and/or some cheese if wished.

Eat as is or serve with rice or cook some risoni with it or add some fresh crusty bread.

In all cases add a big green salad.

In Greece and Turkey all those stuffed things are served with extra cold olive oil over the top and lukewarm.

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