How long do truffles last, once made?

popeye333, Dec 9, 11:53pm
Im hoping to make some but need to know how far in advance I can make them.
I plan on making ones with crushed biscuits in and some fruity type of ones.
Covered in chocolate.

But I just dont know how long they last in the fridge

flier3, Dec 10, 12:53am
maybe three days?

mousiemousie, Dec 10, 1:19am
2 weeks in fridge and they do freeze also.

skydancing, Dec 10, 1:48am
1 day in my place lol! They freeze for ages. i freeze them but without the coating and take them out of freezer when needed and cover with chocolate then. That way no waste etc

popeye333, Dec 10, 4:29am
Thanks everyone.

I wasnt worried about them being scoffed at once lol. rather the oposite that they could spoil before we got through them.

I dont have any room in any of our freezers so the fridge will have to do for now

samanya, Dec 10, 5:56am
I do the same & so easy to chocolate coat when frozen . they set fast, even in this heat.

duckmoon, Dec 10, 9:10am
How long to they last. 1/2 a day.
How long could they last if they weren't eaten by the family, a couple of weeks.
Longer in the freezer

nauru, Dec 10, 9:15am
Me too, in our house they last longer that way too, lol. I made some rum balls using wheetbix yesterday and they are rather tasty, a recipe my friend shared with me a lot of years ago. I coated a few in chocolate for the resident taster and the rest are in the freezer.

skydancing, Dec 10, 9:27am
That sounds interesting could yo
u please share the recipe? Cheers

nauru, Dec 11, 7:07am
Here you go,
Rum Balls
10 wheetbix
2 Tablsp cocoa
½ -1 cup coconut
2 Tablsp rum
1 cup sultanas
1 tin condensed milk
Put sultanas in rum and put aside to soak 30 minutes. Break up wheetbix, add cocoa, sultanas, coconut and milk. Mix together well and put in fridge for 1 hour. Roll into balls and roll in coconut or chocolate hail. Can also be coated with melted chocolate.
**Note: I find that it doesn't always need the full can of milk so just add ¾ of it to start with. A nice variation is to omit the cocoa and substitute ½ cup chopped apricots and ½ cup chopped ginger for the sultanas and use amaretto or whiskey instead of the rum. Enjoy

skydancing, Dec 11, 7:40am
Thanks so much I am going to try these. Cheers/

nauru, Dec 11, 9:04am
Let me know what you think. I'm making a batch of the variation one tomorrow.

kindajojo, Dec 11, 8:48pm
Your joking arent you, mine last about 2 hours. if i am lucky

samanya, Dec 12, 12:56am
The reason I freeze them & they taste good frozen as well! ;o)

edlin, Dec 12, 2:30am
I make chocolate truffles but have lost my apricot ball recipe. It is a family favourite with chopped dried apricots,orange and lemon zest,orange juice and coconut. I have tried guessing at the proportions a few times but end up with a mess that will not form balls and the opposite problem if I add more juice. I have searched through my two drawers of recipes numerous times but cannot find the little torn scrap of newspaper it was printed on. Grrr!

nauru, Dec 12, 6:54am
Edlin, you could adapt to your taste, the variation of the rum ball recipe that I posted above. It's apricots and ginger but you could just use all apricots and add your lemon/orange zest and the juice instead of the booze. I made a batch today and the mix sticks together well. I processed the wheetbix which made a finer mix and was better that the crumbled version. They are in the freezer ready to be chocolate dipped later on.

browny36, Dec 13, 11:42pm
I got a recipe from here quite a few years ago. They were for Caramel truffles and each one had a square of caramello in the center then crumbed biscuits and finally dipped in chocolate . They were amazing.

tracey58, Dec 15, 11:08pm
Edlin Apricot balls recipe is in Alison Holst recipe book.
250grms dried apricots,1/4cup sugar,rind of 1 orange or tangelo,1tbs orange or tangelo juice,about 1/2 cup of coconut. Process sugar and rind until chopped then add apricots and liquid and process. Add enough coconut to to make firm mixture. shape into balls and roll lightly in coconut.

edlin, Dec 16, 12:44am
Thanks Tracey58. That looks familiar so I will give it a try. Sorry Nauru,I cannot use weetbix as one family member is GF. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your Christmas planning is going well!

charli, Nov 20, 2:53pm
Edwin you can buy GF Weetbix

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