Chocolate Truffles...With Milk Powder?

audigirl, Jul 3, 6:24am
Hello...I'm having a memory flashback and I am know searching for a recipe for chocolate truffles which had milk powder and raisins in them...sadly Mum who was the queen of truffles is not here to ask...
Anyone have this recipe? thanks Jo

245sam, Jul 3, 6:51am
audigirl, here are some choices for you from Trademe Cooks.....

"Easy Truffles
Melt 125gms butter, cool & add 1 tblspn cocoa, 1 cup coconut, 1 cup icing sugar, sultanas or mixed fruit to taste & a few drops vanilla or brandy essence. Roll in balls in coconut & place in fridge to set. Have also used rum essence which is nice.
posted by roseann48
TOP TIP: My recipe is the same (as roseann48's above) except I add 6 tbsp of wholemilk powder.
posted by catsmeat1"

"This one is out of the Kaimata School Country Cookbook. I knew I had one somewhere too but took me a while to find it. Hope this helps.
4T butter, 3 T cocoa, 12 T skim milk powder, 1/2 C sultanas, vanilla essence, 4 T milk, 8 T sugar. Place butter, sugar and milk in a saucepan and heat until butter and sugar are melted. Put that mixture into milk powder and cocoa then stir in sultanas and vanilla. Allow to cool a little then roll spoonfuls in coconut. Set in fridge. Makes about 20.
posted by jaybee2003"

"Weight Watchers Truffles (7 points for whole lot)
30 gr cereal, (eg. Rice bubbles, cornflakes, rolled oats etc), 25 gr skim milk powder, 25 gr mixed fruit, 6 teaspoons jam (preferably Weight Watchers), 2 teaspoons nutrachoc (optional), coconut for rolling. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Drop spoonfuls into coconut and form into a ball. Refrigerate until firm. posted by jaxma"

Hope the above help you to make truffles that are like your Mum made.:-))

audigirl, Jul 3, 7:10am
245sam Thank you so very much... I will try yours first, think this sounds like it could be it...Kiamata... where in NZ is that?

245sam, Jul 3, 7:29am
audigirl, none of the recipes above are mine but as for where Kaimata is - Google tells me it's in Taranaki.:-))

audigirl, Jul 3, 7:55am
Thanks - Taranaki sounds right, Mum and her 5 sisters come from Stratford Taranaki! was this space... I will make them tomorrow..Thanks Jo

jillian21, Jul 4, 2:51am
The best truffles only have chocolate and cream, you could add other things like raisins if you wanted but to me thats just wrong

muppet65, Jul 4, 3:17am
oh wow I remember these I used to make them all the time

indy95, Jul 4, 5:00am
I think one of Alison Holsts Kitchen Diaries had a recipe for dried milk truffles. If anyone still has those it might be worth checking.

indy95, Jul 4, 5:33am
Just found the Alison Holst recipe pasted into Mum's old handwritten recipe book.

Dried Milk Truffles

100 g soft butter
2 c full cream milk powder
1/2 c cocoa
1 c icing sugar
1 1/2 c sultanas chopped
1/2 - 1 t almond or rum essence
1 t vanilla
3 T milk, sherry or brandy
Coconut, cocoa or chocolate hail for coating

Combine butter, milk powder, cocoa and icing sugar well, then add the sultanas and mix in. Add essences to taste then the liquid a spoonful at a time until the dry ingredients form a firm dough.

Roll into balls about the size of small walnuts and then roll in coating. Refrigerate until firm. Store in fridge.

audigirl, Jul 5, 9:47pm
Thanks "indy" will give your recipe a go, made the one above and is to gooey...

crunchie3, Jul 6, 2:14am
Ooooo I might try the Alison Holst one tonight :-)

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