Food processor

korbo, Jan 19, 3:40am
now deciding what one to buy.

korbo, Jan 14, 4:16am
mine started smoking the other day, so we biffed it. now I knew I had a spare one in the shed, located it, but it is missing the grater disc. Of course threw all the other ones out. just naturally thought the shed one would have it all.
It is a Kenwood Gourmet, model FP290. had it about 15yrs.
If anyone has a grater disc would they care to list it.

joey2221, Jan 14, 5:25am
google is your friend

nauru, Jan 14, 6:26am
Korbo, you may be able to get a replacement at an electrical supplies store. I have bought spares through a100% electrical store in the past. You could also try needapart, link below, they have a freephone number.

korbo, Jan 14, 9:15am
thank you, tried the kenwood people, but they said they didnt have the model number on their charts.

fifie, May 7, 11:04am
There should be a service agent in your area that services kenwood appliances usually a electrical place, they should be able to tell you if the disk is still available or not. Ive had success with older toshiba parts for my processor by doing this. Its not the kenwood people, only someone who services their goods.

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