Rice Cooker.Flavour to add

boothy1, Jun 9, 8:22am
What can i put into my Rice Cooker to flavour the rice,,Just use plain white rice,,Having vistors and they have asked for rice,,

kirmag, Jun 9, 10:27pm
You could always use chicken stock instead of water.

We put turmeric in sometimes.

southerngurl, Jun 9, 11:46pm
We use turmeric, or saffron, even a couple of drops of truffle oil.

laspaz, Jun 9, 11:47pm
Cajun seasoning

sampa, Jun 10, 12:13am
A teaspoon of powdered stock is good, green herb is nice and vegetarian friendly (just in case they are since you haven't said). Add a bit of butter too for a bit more flavour and to help avoid rice sticking.

nauru, Jun 10, 9:47am
It's nice to make a pliau rice in the rice cooker, nice flavours. This is a nice recipe I often use.

marcs, Jun 10, 1:58pm
I don't know you get this there. You must do in Asian shops but Hainanese Chicken and rice is very nice made in the rice cooker. If you can get the paste it is a easy meal to make. My go to meal when I am short on time. Add washed rice then add stock or water to just under the mark specified ( I prefer stock and I add a little less liquid as chicken gives some liquid too so makes rice soggy) add chicken pieces on top. Turn on rice cooker and walk away. Serve with sliced cucumbers, sweet soy and some chili, garlic and ginger paste. Yum.

ruby19, Jun 7, 2:02am
If serving rice with a curry or a chili, I add a little turmeric and a sprinkle of cumin seeds, still adding salt of course. I must experiment with adding coconut milk for Thai curries.

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