Slow cooker rice pudding.

angelbabe6, Nov 8, 8:53pm
Does anyone have a good recipe for this please? Last time I made it, it had been cooking for 3 hours, but the rice wasn't properly cooked. :(

kiwitrish, Nov 8, 10:16pm
I got this recipe from a poster on here. Sorry but can't remember the name.
It is so good. Makes heaps but we don't mind.


1 Cup white short grain rice
1 Cup Sugar
2 ltrs Blue top milk
put on high for about 4 hours
I stir it a couple of times after the first hour.
I sometimes substitute a can of light and creamy carnation milk as part of the milk allowance to make it creamier! MMMMMMMmmmmmm hungry now!

angelbabe6, Nov 8, 10:31pm
Yum, thanks.

madj, Nov 9, 7:21am
This my recipe

Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

Arborio (or short grain) rice, just enough to cover bottom of rice cooker
1/2 C sugar
1 litre milk
1 egg, slightly beaten

Place rice into slow cooker, enough to cover the bottom of the dish, Add milk, sugar and stir in egg. Cook on high for 3 - 3.5 hours until creamy. Serve with fruit of your choice (we had peaches) with cream or ice cream.

camper18, Jul 10, 2:11am
I never put the sugar in until it is cooked. that way the rice stays nice and white and you dont need as much.

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