Polenta coated fish

chris313, Mar 25, 2:28am
Hi all - I feel a little embarrassed asking this, but when coating fish in polenta am I correct in assuming it is straight from the packet? It's just that when using polenta as a staple, the cooking time is quite long.

chris313, Mar 25, 2:40am
Oh well, I guess I'll use boring old breadcrumbs.

245sam, Mar 25, 2:49am
chris313, polenta is something I have rarely used however my understanding is that some polenta cooks more quickly than others, and to coat fish with polenta I'm sure that it would be used "straight from the packet". Have a look at:-


Hope that helps. :-))

village.green, Mar 25, 2:54am
Yes used straight from the packet otherwise it will be a soggy mess. I've used it before and it works well as well as desiccated coconut, to be a bit different or gluten free.

jane8, Mar 25, 5:12am
I use it straight from the packet, dip the fish in milk and then in the polenta

schnauzer11, Nov 25, 11:46pm
Another option is panko. I'll never use traditional breadcrumbs again!

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