Slice made with weetbix and instant pudding?

bluecat1529, Sep 4, 7:26am
Does anyone have a recipe for this slice. It was all the rage in the 70's
I'm not sure if the weetbix base was baked or uncooked

awoftam, Sep 4, 7:37am
That sounds disgusting!

macandrosie, Sep 4, 8:36am
Is this a square or a dessert? I have one with kornies in the base. Nothing is cooked but is really a cold dessert. Used to make it when we were shearing.
Here it is if you'd like to try it.
Chocolate Cornflake Dessert
2 cups kornies
1-2 tabs cocoa
½ cup sugar
Mix altogether & press into a large Tupperware container. Place in freezer till firm [30 mins or so]. Make up a chocolate instant pudding, adding a cup of whipped cream. Just prior to serving pour over the base, sprinkle with choc chips if desired.

deecee2, Sep 4, 8:40am
Can you still buy instant pudding?

issymae, Nov 15, 1:51am
made instant pudding butterscotch biscuits the other day; not as many flavours of the puddings now days

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