Old instant pud recipes

lcscott, Nov 13, 11:11pm
Does anyone remember the old instant pudding recipes on the packet? If so Im keen on getting the one with pineapple and think (not sure) had golden syrup involved somewhere lol any help?

harrislucinda, Nov 14, 12:23am
not a recipe but been making instant pudding up as have a lot of milk boy what is wrong with that stuff today instead of being a cream custard like it is hard to explain the results then the next day i can pour off all this clear liquid Just not the same

dibble35, Nov 14, 3:43am
Yeah I used to love instant pudding when I was a kid, bought some maybe 2 summers ago and it was very average, and it separated so was no good the next morning

harrislucinda, Nov 14, 3:52am
strange just so many products are not the same as back in the day

dibble35, Nov 14, 5:53pm
Yep, why muck around with a good product. Cadburys chocolate is another product I find rather awful now, occasionally they bring out a new flavour I think sounds lovely, i buy it and am always disappointed (other than caramilk) now that was good!

camper18, Nov 14, 9:21pm
Have been making Instant Pudding Biscuits for donkeys years but the last couple of years the taste has changed and they leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

jan2242, Nov 14, 9:30pm
Loved instant puddings.

cgvl, Nov 15, 1:23am
Have they added artificial sweeteners to the mix and thereby removed some of the sugar. I find that all artificial sweeteners do that to me including stevia.

thuntzster, Nov 15, 5:40am
Does anyone remember Captain Butterscotch Instant pudding?

cgvl, Nov 15, 7:00am
I had a recipe that used butterscotch instant pud and you mixed it up with half milk half cream and added fruit, choc chips and marshmellows. It was similar to Ambrosia but sweeter. haven't made it for years.

kindajojo, Nov 16, 3:26am
I loved the coconut, just add to milk and it would set really quick, then we would sneak it by the tabespoon before it set so hard that mum would notice the dents.
That other pudding . jelly with svaporated milk then beat like hell, absolutely hated it.m
. and anything with semolina or tapioca. ". fish eggs in milk

marcs, Nov 16, 10:35am
How about panacotta?

marcs, Nov 16, 10:36am

autumnwinds, Nov 22, 10:27am
I've been making them for years, too - even have kept n old wooden "cotton reel" to mark the tops to make a daisy pattern. Some favours are worse than others for that "bitter" aftertaste.

This makes a HEAP of cookies, crisp and kids love them. As you and I have said, have been making them for years (makes around 70).
185 gm (6 oz) butter 1 cup sugar
1 egg 1 1/2 cups flour
3 Tab cornflour 1 teaspn baking powder
1 packet instant pudding mix (chocolate or butterscotch are good)
1/3 cup sultana or nuts or chocolate chips, if desired (optional)

Cream butter and sugar. Add one egg, beat well, and add remainder of ingredients. Roll into small balls, flatten onto greased baking sheet with a fork (or you can use the end of a plastic cotton reel for an attractive, daisy-like finish). Bake for 10-20 minutes in moderate oven (175 C/ 350 F). NOTE: This mixture gives a large number of nice crisp biscuits. I take a little time in measuring the finished mixture. I roll the whole lot into one large ball and cut this in half with the back of a knife or the handle of a tablespoon. I pat each half into a round, which is cut into thirds. Each third is cut in half and rolled into two even sausage shapes. I then cut then into 5 and roll them into balls. By taking the time, I end up with 60 even sized balls of dough and, by cutting the mix with the back of the knife or spoon, sultanas or other additives are not disturbed. When they come out of the oven I take them off the oven sheet with a fish slice and place on paper towels spread over a newspaper which removes and residual grease and they dry nice and crisp. My family particularly enjoy the butterscotch flavour with sultanas and the chocolate flavour with chocolate chips added.

sticky232, Dec 1, 9:41am
I made banana instant pud and beated small bottle of cream separate mix two together and added sliced bananas lovely did the same with chocolate but added marsh mellows

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