Instant aspic jelly powder

samsara11, Mar 26, 6:13am
I am catering for my mother's 90th and want to do a salmon "swimming" which involved aspic jelly. I have done this in the past but do not have the time to make the aspic as I work full time. I know I have purchased this in the past but can anyone tell me where I can purchase it now? H. E. L. P

fifie, Mar 26, 9:13am
Can't help sorry, maybe a speciality or asian shop could be worth trying. If all else fails could you subistute with Geletine and stock? Good Luck. .

cookessentials, Mar 26, 5:07pm
Dont know of instant but here is a recipe to make it.

To make aspic for moulding or decorating a fish salad, use stock prepared from chicken or veal, or from fish. For chicken, veal or sweetbread salad, use chicken or veal stock, or a light-colored consommé. In an emergency, aspic may be made from the prepared extracts of beef, or from bouillon capsules. Aspic is often tinted delicately to harmonize with a particular color scheme. A light-green aspic has been found quite effective.

* 1 quart of highly seasoned stock, freed from all fat
* juice of 1 lemon
* 1 bay leaf
* 1/2 cup of wine
* 1 box of gelatine
* 2 eggs


To stock, add the lemon juice, bay leaf, wine and gelatine soaked in a cup of cold water. Beat into the mixture the slightly beaten whites and crushed shells of the eggs. Heat to the boiling-point, stirring constantly, and let boil five minutes. After standing ten minutes skim off the froth, etc. , and strain through a cheese-cloth folded double and held in a colander.

samsara11, Mar 28, 4:20am
Thanks for that. I used to get instant from a baker in Levin but he is no longer there. Looks like I will just have to make my own lol. Looks nice recipe too cookessentials

samsara11, Mar 28, 4:25am
When you say box of gelaine, do you mean a NZ box? That sounds like a lot of gelatine

cookessentials, Dec 11, 12:17pm
Sorry samsara, cant help you there. I had to google for this recipe-looks like it is American.