Yummy instant pudding recipe or tea treat

beerlady, Sep 9, 12:29am
Line a dish with 'nice' plain biscuits and cover biscuits with mixture made from 1 packet of vanilla instant pudding and 300 mls cream. Beat till thick then fold through a small drained tin of crushed pineapple. Top with another layer of biscuits and ice with icing with some juice of pineapple. Absolutely delicious, easy and a bit different. Enjoy. You don't have to add the pineapple but was lovely but could have it plain or with berries.

lyma1, Sep 9, 8:01am
That sounds worth trying, so quick! Just the dry biscuits, not crushed, no butter to bind it or anything beerlady?

nannahall1, Sep 9, 8:08am
have just used similar recipe for delicious custard square. cook 2 sheets pastry and cool and flatten with plate beat 2 packets of vanilla crème instant pudding with 50ml cream . place on top one pastry square top with other and cover with icing I used plain icing but added some passion fruit pulp enjoy

245sam, Sep 9, 8:12am
nannahall1, is the 50ml cream really correct or should it read 500ml (2 cups) cream? Recipe looks lovely otherwise - thanks for sharing it. :-))

beerlady, Sep 9, 9:12am
Just use dry biscuits, they don't need crushing. actually just having the last piece now and it is better than last night. will definitely make it again and might use the passion fruit pulp as a change, but the pineapple. just delicious.

nannahall1, Sep 9, 7:46pm
yes sorry 500ml bottle cream and it really is lovely

marcs, Oct 30, 1:43am

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