Has anyone bought an Instant Pot?

mazzy1, Apr 13, 11:49pm
I'm tempted to buy one on Amazon - $149USD.

snapperheadrkp, Apr 14, 12:32am
Buy a plug in Pressure Cooker from Briscoes, Dick Smith or The Wharehouse. I reckon Instant Pot is just a Yankee name for a glorified Pressure Cooker.
Far cheaper and if it doesn't do what the add claims or plays up it is easy to take back under warranty. (have you ever tried making a claim on Amazon. I have and won't buy from them again after the runaround they gave me)
Our Breville 'EXPRESS COOKER' has just turned itself off a few minutes ago. Cooked all our veg peelings for our Chooks (saved in a bag in fridge) then just kitchen wizzed lightly brought up to pressure and set timer for 5 minutes and then left to turn off and depressurize.Lift the lid and stir in a cup of cheap rice, replace lid and let cool. Lasts our Chooks 4 days (along with bread scraps plus their dry food (kept in one of those stand on Chook feeders so they feed when hungry)
This Cooker doubles as a slow cooker.
Will the one from Amazon work on NZ Voltage?

davidt4, Apr 14, 5:05am
I've been thinking about getting one since I read this review by Andrea Nguyen, who is a serious cook and would not be taking money for her review.


You might need to get a plug converter if you buy one through Amazon.

model-man, Apr 16, 10:59pm
I've got a Breville "Fast/Slow" pressure cooker - does pressure cooking, sautes and slow cooks.
As I understand it an Instant Pot is all of those and some of them also have a Dry Fryer in the bottom. I've tried a number of recipes off Pinterest for the Instant Pot in my Breville and they turn out really well.

sniperjulie, Sep 26, 5:04pm
i have 2 one of the best things i ever did was get them i have a harvey norman one and a warehouse one and they are both as good as one another . i have just done a heap of meals in them for the freezer. the best mashed potatoes i have ever done has been done in the pressure cooker.

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