Weetbix recipes

coach2, Feb 28, 2:35am
I have an almost full box of weetbix that no one is eating and is coming to it's use by date. Was thinking to cook something with it. Slice etc or any other recipes people may have. Any ideas? TIA

sherralynne, Feb 28, 3:09am
Hi, I made this yesterday and doubled the recipe, it's made a lovely moist cake.

In a large bowl add 4 crushed weetbix, 1 Cup sugar, 1 Good Tbsp Butter/Marg, 1 tsp Baking Soda, 1 Cup dried Fruit, stir a little and pour one cup of boiling water over this and leave for five minutes, then add one beaten egg and 1 cup flour sifted with 1 tsp Baking power mix well and put in lined loaf tin and bake for an hour at 180 degrees C this freezes really well too

sooseque, Feb 28, 3:27am
Take a look at this

. pdf

sherralynne, Feb 28, 5:26am
Thanks Susan. That recipe book is super. Worth saving to my hard drive!

winnie231, Feb 28, 6:22am
Have a look here ... it's a huge thread devoted to weetbix recipes:

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=31

butterfly70, Feb 28, 6:29am
This is a very old recipe that my mother made:
Marian's Special
Melt in saucepan [I would now say microwave! ] 2tb milk; 120g butter; 120g sugar
Beat in 5Tb dried milk powder; 1Tb cocoa; ½tsp vanilla
Work in 5 crushed weetbix; 2Tb chopped dried fruit /nuts
Leave to set. Ice with chocolate icing.

lizab, Feb 28, 6:30am
sooseque - snap! I was just going to post the exact same thing! ! Lots of yummy recipes there! !

dollmakernz, Mar 5, 10:03am
Weetbix Loaf

6 crushed weetbix, 1½c sugar, 3c s. r. flour, 400g fruit, 300ml milk.
Mix altogether and leave for a few hours (Can be left overnight) Bake 150°
1-1½hrs. Use 2 small loaf tins or 1 large one

cameron-albany, Mar 5, 10:27am
what a great thread - thank you to all ! ! I have made the second recipe at post #2 and it turned out delicious! ! I'm off to check out the others now... . I always seem to end up with at least half a dozen weetbix at the bottom of the packet that just go stale and end up crushed up on the lawn! ! No more waste! ! Sorry, sparrows!

jubellsrose, Mar 6, 12:35am
bump for later viewers. thanks

morgana-rose, Apr 4, 11:07am
wow these r great thank you all

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