Pork Slices

jofes, Mar 31, 1:25am
Have been given some very yummy looking pork slices. Any ideas on some nice ways to cook these ?

sampa, Mar 31, 1:34am
Nice way to do them if you have the time is to throw them on a trivet/rack above a large roasting dish with a decent amount of water (you can roughly chop an onion, some celery, add a bay leaf and some peppercorns etc if you'd like to - a bit of soy sauce, roughly chopped garlic and ginger plus chilli if you want to slant towards an Asian flavour). Cover and bake in a moderate - lowish oven until pork is tender. At that point you can smear them with a sticky marinade of your choice and finish baking them (without the water etc) in a reasonably hot oven on on the BBQ till they are at the lip smacking/sticky finger stage. This achieves tender pork inside and delicious basting sauce on the surface without burning in order to cook the pork through.

jofes, Mar 31, 3:26am
Sounds Lovely sampa :)

aj.2., Nov 13, 10:03am
Get some tin foil and double it over, then place the pork onto it, and then spread some honey on the pork, warp the tin foil up, but leave a vent hole at the top.
Place in hot oven about 1/2 hour, then open up and check, leave the packet open to dry out any moisture, if too much, then serve.
You may want to turn the pork, after you first open up the pack.
You will have nice tender pork, so just brown the outside to crisp it as you like it.

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