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mooshiesmum, Sep 13, 5:48am
I have gone a little overboard on the carrots special this week so have a kilo or 4 sitting about.

I would love to do a series on great carrot recipes and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their favourite recipe? I have a carrot cake recipe that I will make, but would love a slice, loaf, muffin or soup recipe that is tried and true and delicious!

But. I would want to share it on my blog so please only share if you are ok for me to make it, photograph it and post it up on my website.

Thanks so much, Anna - "Just a Mum"

rainrain1, Sep 13, 6:18am
Carrot & Walnut Cupcakes are very moist and filling.

2 1/2 cups grated carrots
1 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup chopped pineapple, fresh or tinned
2 cups flour
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 eggs
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups oil

Heat oven to 180 deg C. In a large bowl combine carrot, walnuts, pineapple and a half cup of the flour. Mix and set aside.

In another bowl sift remaining flour and dry ingredients. In yet another bowl combine eggs and sugar and beat. Slowly add the oil beating continuously.

Add the carrot mix and the egg mix to the dry ingredients until just combined.

Line cupcake pans with paper holders. Makes 14 big ones. Bake until done. Ice with a lemon butter icing or you could do a cream cheese frosting. The recipe apparently will also make a cake.

samanya, Sep 13, 6:35am
I haven't got anything 'out of the ordinary' to share, but it was good to see you declare your interest, re your blog.
If you get some fantastic recipes from here (& you may even have one already) have you considered giving credit on your blog, to the person who shared it with you?
That would be really good, for you & the recipe donor, & you can share pics of the end product & we can all visit your blog to see the end result, if we want to try it . sound like a plan?

rainrain1, Sep 13, 6:44am
I don't want credited on the blog thanks.

mooshiesmum, Sep 13, 6:56am
Is it your recipe or one from a cookbook? Sounds lovely :-)

mooshiesmum, Sep 13, 7:01am
Thanks, absolutely a good idea - I try to - unless I search the recipe and find it in lots of other places on the web then I might just say found in lots of places online. One of my big things is not just randomly doing recipes unless I know its a common one, or I give credit or its a family one. Hope I have not offended anyone yet with my blog! lol :-) Let me know if I have and I will amend it!

On another note - with the amount of gorgeous recipes on here I would feel overwhelmed delving into recreating them lol! I tend to search recipes online based on an idea, my own ones or specific ingredients I want to use.

If anyone has any recipes they would like to share I would be so happy to give credit and try and recreate them. I am always open to ideas and everyone here is so kind to me - and much more knowledgeable than I!

rainrain1, Sep 13, 7:04am
Lets just say it isn't mine, but then how many recipes actually are invented by the poster ?
Edited to ask. Is invent the right word to use? Doesn't seem right to me:-)

motorbo, Sep 13, 7:10am
use the side bar to seach its in the mkr thread. the mother and daughter did a carrot and chickpea recipe it was so so yum. or do a carrot dip. I adore roasted carrots. also juicing - so good for you. and snack

rainrain1, Sep 13, 8:14am
Boiled carrots with garlic and parsley butter

mooshiesmum, Sep 13, 8:22am
yum motorbo & rainrain :-)

moggie57, Sep 16, 3:00am
Curried carrot & cashew soup. its amazing!.
Google the recipe. its an Alison Holst one. good for dairy & gluten free too

samanya, Sep 16, 4:39am
That sounds nice.
I'm not a big fan of cooked carrots (love them raw) but I do like them barely cooked, with a dash of finely chopped ginger & about 1 tspn honey & the same of butter, with parsley.

sampa, Sep 16, 5:53am
Sometimes I feel like I endlessly grate carrots and cheese for sandwich fillings or just to have as a bit of extra with a green salad. No rocket science sorry, just carrots and cheese but we all like it (although one of us - he who shall remain nameless - insists it should have sultanas added to it). Not in this house sorry hon but maybe for others this would be a go. I have been known to deviate enough to add spring onions however. How extremely adventurous of me. ;-)

mooshiesmum, Sep 16, 6:46am
Ha ha - love it :-)

mooshiesmum, Sep 16, 6:47am
Now that sounds amazing! I will definitely look that up - was thinking of doing some spring soups!

samanya, Sep 16, 8:07am
This is one of Digby Law's that I just love
Carrot & Peanut salad

1 cup soft breadcrumbs
2 tabs butter
1/2 cup blanched peanuts
2 cups grated carrot
2 tabs oil
1 tab white vinegar
salt & freshly ground pepper

fry the breadcrumbs in the butter until crisp & golden. Add the peanuts & mix well & allow to cool. Add the grated carrot, oil, vinegar & S & P to taste. Toss lightly & chill for several hours before serving.

mooshiesmum, Sep 17, 3:58am
Wow samayna - that sounds lovely! I might save that for my summer salads series! xo

rainrain1, Sep 17, 4:19am
Grated carrot, fine chopped celery, mixed altogether with cream cheese, makes a nice sandwich filling

mooshiesmum, Sep 17, 4:28am
rainrain I am about to make the carrot muffins - will they still be nice with no walnuts? No money in the tin this week for such fancy extras lol!

Could I replace with sultanas?


Anna :-)

samanya, Sep 17, 6:15am
It sounds a little weird, but it's always a hit.

korbo, Sep 17, 7:01am
slice carrots into rings. cook until how you like them.drain.
Put into a nice serving bowl (I use a square one) and pour over 1 jar of Kanton sweet/sour sauce.(big jar) some finely chopped onion (brown or red), some parsley and serve.
I have made this during the day and taken to pot luck/bbque, and just reheated a little or it is nice cold the next day with salad. A must at our christmas bbques.

mooshiesmum, Sep 17, 10:49am
I have made these tonight and they are delicious! Made a lovely cream cheese frosting to go with them and managed to find the original recipe in a few different places so I can refer to that in my post. Made mini ones too, will post a pic tomorrow and upload the recipe in the next day or so. Made a carrot cake too - both are being taken to a mothers morning I cater for so I will report back on their opinions!

thanks :-)

mooshiesmum, Sep 17, 10:50am
Thank you, that sounds easy! :-)

uli, Sep 17, 10:08pm
bump for the Carrot & Walnut Cupcakes

parsondian, Sep 17, 10:55pm
Well you could make a northern Italian style pasta sauce, easy peasy, no recipe required, lots of carrots, onions (optional) add butter as much as you dare, the more butter the more delicious, a can or (two) of chopped tomatoes, season, simmer away until carrots are soft and blend with a wizz stick. Yum, I often use this sauce over a spinach and ricotta cannelloni.

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