Vegan recipe book recommendation please

carlos57, Nov 23, 12:38am
Hi. I'm looking for a Christmas present idea for my sister-in-law and her partner who have recently started a vegan diet. Any recommendations of tried and trusted vegan recipe books? NZ ones would be good, but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks :)

petpalace, Nov 23, 12:51am
Revive Cafe Cookbooks

frances1266, Nov 23, 2:36am
I would second the Revive books. Good recipes using readily available ingredients. There are hundreds of recipe books available now. You could check out your library and see if there is anything you think they would like.

motorbo, Nov 23, 2:39am
this one is good. though a raw diet so it takes it a step further

carlos57, Nov 23, 3:09am
Thank you. A friend has also recommended the Revive books, so I think I'll go with one or two of them.

samanya, Nov 23, 3:46am
I'd agree with the revive choice. although I'm not following a vegan or vegetarian diet. I have the first three books & personally, book 2 is the one I seem to use most, but I'm sure they would be delighted with any one of them.

sampa, Nov 23, 4:16am
What a lovely and thoughtful gift idea carlos57, don't forget to get gift exchange certificate if that's possible - in case they receive more than one copy.

Happy Christmas and I hope they're as thoughtful in their reciprocal gift to you. :)

carlos57, Nov 23, 5:42am
Thank you :) Yes, I'm planning on buying the book/s in store rather than online so I can get an exchange card. Happy Christmas to you, too :)

nauru, Nov 23, 5:44am
Mouthwatering Vegan is a great book, check out the website. I am not vegan but love to cook some of the great recipes in there.

ruby19, Nov 23, 9:07am
Oh She Glows is a vegan cookbook that looks as if it has some great recipes. A friend of mine borrowed it from a library.

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