Lavender for cooking? Particular variety?

carter441, Jan 19, 9:51am
Can you cook with any lavender or does it need to be a particular variety?

245sam, Jan 19, 10:03am
carter441, I note that a good number of recipes simply state "culinary lavender" and that confirms my belief that not all varieties of lavender are best/suitable/safe for cooking. Somewhere I feel sure that I have kept a note, or maybe it's in one of my many books, re exactly which variety/varieties are ok/best for cooking. Will post if I can find the info. :-))

carter441, Jan 19, 10:05am
Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

kitj1, Jan 19, 6:36pm
Use an english lavender. Dilly dilly for example. The italian types are no good to cook with.

teddiesbearall, Jan 19, 8:55pm
I purchased a lavender bush a week or so back and as I wanted an edible one the plant shop man told me to get Lavender Dentata which is a French lavender. I know there is also an edible English lavender too but for the life of me I can't remember its name.
You only use a very small amount of lavender as it apparently is quite strong.

cookessentials, Jan 19, 8:56pm
Only use the English lavender. Munstead or Hidcote are good.

gaspodetwd, Jan 23, 4:05am
French lavender is edible. Most english lavenders are NOT edible - so be careful.

ahaaaaa, Apr 27, 2:54am

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