Slow roasting Lamb in the oven

kirmag, Feb 20, 1:00am
How to please? How long and what temp? Not sure on size of the leg, it's in the freezer at home, can check later but for now is there a standard guideline and do you need to put a little water in the bottom of the pan so it doesn't dry out? Or just oil it up as a usual roast?

beaker59, Feb 20, 1:18am
I lay down a thick bed of rosemary branches then about half a cup of water, I rub crushed garlic and salt over and then roast for about 3 hours at 150 in my fanbake oven.

kirmag, Feb 20, 1:22am
Thanks beaker! So no rubbing oil over the actual leg with the garlic and salt?

socram, Feb 20, 3:00am
Use an oven bag. I'd just add garlic, mint and honey.

lodgelocum, Feb 20, 3:09am
I just oil and salt, cut nicks in the meat and stuff fresh mint in, put in an oven bag and roast, I like my lamb pink but depending on the size of yours, check after a couple of hours.

buzzy110, Feb 20, 4:22am
Absolutely love this River Cottage recipe. The rub/marinade can be altered to suit or omitted altogether:

deanna14, Feb 20, 5:12am
My family love it when I slice the top of the leg. Then on a chopping board finely chop fresh rosemary, salt crystals, pepper, oil and garlic and place all over the top of the leg getting it into the knife cracks. I boil the jug and add 4 cups of water to the large roasting pan if I am not putting potatoes in it, otherwise just a cup. Eldest son likes roast potatoes that have been in nearly as long as the leg!

rainrain1, Feb 20, 5:18am
I tried a recipe last Sunday I think it was, slow cook for 5 hours, and I was supposed to be able to pull it apart with a couple of forks and it was to melt in the mouth. Had to turn the oven up in the end to get it to cook in time for our dinner, 5 hours wasn't long enough for that little lambikins

kirmag, Feb 20, 6:57am
Just dragged it out from the bottom of the freezer. It's 2.3kg.

midas99, Feb 20, 10:17am
I'm cooking one tomorrow night. About the same size as your. 160 fan forced oven for 4 hours. I put rosemary and garlic cloves on bottom, rub oil onto lamb and season with sea salt and black pepper. Place more rosemary and garlic on top and cover with tin foil. I tend to put mind in the warmer drawer of oven after cooking to kept warm while the roast veges are cooking and never had a problem and meat just falls apart.

lil_angel_kel, Feb 22, 4:58am
I learnt from some cooking show to cook it on really high first to sear the outside and then drop it down to about 150. It works perfectly every time! The outside is crunchy and the inside is falling off the bone - delicious! :)

mjhdeal, Feb 22, 5:46pm
I use this Jamie Oliver recipe -

I thought it was a weird recipe at first, as it cooks the lamb fast on high temperature (200 degrees), against the usual advice of low and slow, but it is consistently the best roast lamb ever, in my not-so-humble opinion. Makes a frightful mess of your oven, though.

jhan, Feb 22, 5:55pm
No garlic in this house ever. I put the leg of lamb down on slices of lemon, sprinkle the top with fresh rosemary and a bit of dripping from the stash in the fridge (no salt). This is put into a hot oven uncovered, 200 deg on fan bake for 30 minutes, then this is turned down to bake on 150 - 160 for 2 hours to 2.5 depending on the size of the leg.

rainrain1, Feb 22, 6:18pm
Last time, I browned the outside of mine in the frying pan first, then added all the juices to the roasting dish. Normally, I just put it in the oven on moderate, and forget about it for a while, then turn it once. I add nothing to flavour it, as all the flavour is in the meat anyway, if you get a good one

puresteam, Feb 23, 2:34am
Why do you have to use garlic in everything you cook I loath the stuff. meat has its own flavour

wendalls, Feb 23, 7:27am
I love garlic, but not in lamb for some reason, husband agrees. Yes I would prefer lemon, rosemary, and mint. My last few roasts were not that nice but thanks to this thread I bet the next one will be better. Cheers guys

pussy01, Feb 24, 8:04am
why the heck any one in their right mind would poison a good roast lamb with garlik and rosemary is beyond me.

whitehead., Feb 24, 10:41pm
soak currents in the juice of a lemon with the grated peel and add with your butter and spring onion finely chopped goes well with slow cooked lamb salt and pepper to taste

kirmag, Feb 24, 10:50pm
Mmmmmm garlic and rosemary with roast lamb is my favourite. That's why I do it. Then home made mint sauce for the dipping in on the plate. But then I lvoe mint sauce with most meat, esp roast pork.

rainrain1, Feb 24, 11:14pm
You sound like my husband, I love both garlic and rosemary, even though I don't use it always with lamb, but then we hardly ever eat lamb, only the accidental ones, the last one got hamstringed at shearing time, and had to be killed

fifie, Feb 28, 6:12am
Each to their own I'm with #2 when i roast a leg of lamb in the oven, when done rest covered in tin foil while i turn up the heat for crispie vegs serve the lot with plenty of my lovely thick mint sauce. and lashings of gravy yum yum!

lovelurking, Jan 23, 4:58pm
Garlic is good for you.

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